Lenovo F31A has used many technology from thinkpad, such as Active Protection system for the hard disk(HDAPS).What is APS system? Here we go.

The Active Protection System

With the new series of ThinkPads IBM introduced the Active
Protection System (APS) in 2003. The APS is a protection system for the
ThinkPad's internal harddrive. A sensor inside the ThinkPad recognizes
when the notebook is accelerated. A software applet then is triggered
to park the harddisk. This way the risk of data loss in case of when
the notebook is dropped is significantly reduced since the read/write
head of the harddrive is parked and hence can't crash onto the platter
when the notebook drops onto the floor.

The hardware sensor is capable of not only recognizing
acceleration of the notebook, but also (to a certain degree) of its
whole orientation in space, relative to gravity's axis. Furthermore,
having the actual control put into software, its functionality is
extendable and it gives chance to implement features like the "ignore
minor shocks" feature which is present in the Windows based control
applet. (This feature prevents the harddrive from parking in case of
minor regular shocks such as occur when in a train or car.)
And the following websites are recorded for the future configuration for my notebook.