Mobile Viper is the first Adept MobileRobots product that combines a traditional industrial arm from Adept Technology, the Adept Viper s850 6-Axis robot with a platform MobileRobots platform. The new Mobile Viper is compatible with Adept MobileRobots’ PowerBotSeekur, and Seekur Jr. platforms.

The Mobile Viper is part of the premium Adept Viper family, whose lower power consumption makes them suitable for battery-powered systems. The extended reach and flexibility of the arm make it ideal for mobile roboticists. This fast, graceful, highly-accurate arm has 6 degrees-of-freedom and is designed to carry up to 5 kg of payload with excellent repeatability. Unlike most fixed industrial robots that can only reach to a surrounding tabletop, the Adept Viper robot’s 854mm reach offers the opportunity to reach below and around the mobile robot’s top plate.

Mobile Viper is designed for use by researchers in manipulation, perception, grasping, ambidextrous manipulation, human-robot controls, disabilities, eldercare, and remote operations projects.

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