1. You can and will work at a desk for seven hours straight, routinely.

  2. You learn what you don't know you are learning.

  3. By and large, "knowing how" matters more than "knowing what."

  4. In science and engineering, you can fool very little of the time.

  5. You don't have to be a genius to do creative work.

  6. You must measure up to a very high level of performance.

  7. The world and your career are unpredictable, so you are better off learning subjects of permanent value.

  8. You are never going to catch up, and neither is anyone else.

  9. The future belongs to the computer-literate-squared.

  10. Mathematics is still the queen of the sciences.

  • 你能够做到每天七个小时坐在书桌前。
  • 只有在学你觉得学不会的东西时才能学到东西。
  • 总的来说,知其所以然比知其然重要得多。
  • 在科学和工程方面,没有人能骗太久。
  • 并不是天才才能做有创造性的工作。
  • 你必须对自己高标准严要求。
  • 世界变化很快,你最好选学那些坚实恒久的学科,少赶时髦。
  • 你永远赶不上进度,别人也一样。
  • 未来的计算机文化是正发生在你的身边,并不是计算机文化课上学的东西。
  • 数学仍然是科学界的女皇。